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Dental Billing Specialists

Dental billing
Done the smart way

We focus on getting your claims paid, especially the ones that are stuck and forgotten about

We handle your practice's billing&Increase your revenue immediately

We take the load off your hands and your team so you can focus on providing superb dental care


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Make life easy

We help your Office Manager and staff eliminate time consuming tasks

    we Send your dental claims
    Post insurance payments
    Follow up on denied claims
    Work on your insurance aging report daily to squeeze out every penny that is rightfully yours

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Why Choose Us


We have over a decade in dental billing experience

Get warriors on your side

You will have an army of billing experts who will make sure you get paid for every service you provide


We understand that every office is unique, therefore customization is embedded in our design. Many of our services can be customized to fit your unique office needs


Right now, you probably have a few thousand dollars worth of claims that are going to be lost just because they were either written off by mistake or forgotten about and nobody followed up on them. Working with us gives you the confidence that you have a super team that is working hard to collect on every dime you worked for

Services We Provide

Posting Insurance Payments

We post insurance payments to patients' ledgers timely & accurately

Denied Claims Follow Up

We follow up on any unpaid claims, or partially paid claims to get you the maximum amount of reimbursement

Outstanding Claims Aging Report

We work on your outstanding claims report for all unpaid claims to make sure that you are getting paid for every procedure

Custom Office Needs

We have professionals to do an array of office tasks customized to your office needs

Stop losing money and start collecting what's rightfully yours


  • Save money

    Eliminate costly errors

  • Save time

    Get tasks done faster

  • Increase cash flow

    Get paid faster

  • Reduce stress

    Take the load off your hands

  • Increase collection rate

    Dental Billing Experts on your side

  • Payment posting

    Easy reconciliation and accurate write-offs

Startup Special

3 Months Free Trial

Try us with no risk to you. Get your first 3 months absolutely free!(Offer Valid until 03/31/2023)

Service options & Pricing

Our services pay for themselves, But below is how much you're going to award us for our great work. The time spent on your office needs can vary depending on your patient flow. There are months that you may see a larger number of patients (as you’re approaching end of the year), and there are months that you see fewer patients. This is why we designed our fees to make you pay only for what you use. The fees for most of our services are various depending on insurance collections.

  • Dental Insurance Billing Advanced

    Post EOB, Follow up on Denied claims, Aging Report


per location, per month

Focus on dentistry and we take care of getting your money from insurance. We do all the dental insurance follow up and postings, including denied claims follow-ups and appeals. We work hard so you get paid for your hard earned work.

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    Send Dental Claims daily
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    Denied Claims review and follow up
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    EOBs Posted Daily
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    Insurance Aging Report mining ⚒
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    EOBs attached to patients’ charts
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    Online EOB & EFT pull up
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    Using the cloud scanner, you will be able to scan any paper EOBs for us to post
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    All the work is done internally from your office. We work as if we were in your office. No information will be saved on our end
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    Denied claim appeals submited when necessary

*If the office’s insurance collections are under $30,000/month, the fee for this service is $1,110/month.
If the office’s insurance collections is higher than $30,000/month, the fee for this service is 3.7% of the total insurance collections

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    Custom Office Needs

    Every office is unique

(prices vary)

If you have a job that’s not listed, our professional account managers can usually be trained to complete it. The tasks below are examples of some administrative tasks you can delegate to us. 

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    Repetitive office tasks
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    Social media marketing & posting
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    Treatment plan recalls
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    Confirming appointments
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    Answering calls
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    Scheduling patients
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    Verifying insurances
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    Next day treatment follow-up calls
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    And much more...

  • Sales Force

    Sales Professionals for dental offices:

$399 per month
+8% of the sold treatment plan

We have a team of highly trained sales professionals who will sell your treatment plans. If you have a treatment plan that you don’t want to lose a track of, you can delegate it to your assigned sales force team, and they will make it their life mission to follow up on it and sell it. They will identify the main points that might be holding the patient from going forward. Also, they will discover the patient’s values and goals for this treatment and make sure that the patient goals and doctor recommendations are aligned and communicated. 
Major reasons patients hold from going to the treatment are:>Financial reasons>Fear>Trust issues with the clinic or doctor>Not enough education about the importance of treatment
Our sales force professional team will identify these issues and work with the patient and the clinic to find solutions to overcome the barriers that are preventing the patient from receiving the optimal dental care. 

    $399 per month + 8% of the sold treatment plan

  • Dental Credentialing

    Made simple

Save time
Reduce stress 

    $249 per doctor
    $139 for each additional office
    $99 for add-on credentialing (changes in status)

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Our professional account managers will contact you to introduce themselves, and learn more about your needs and goals


Action Plan set-up 

Just like you put a treatment plan for your patients after an exam; together we will set up a plan of action to achieve the optimal allocation of energy for you and your team


Putting the plan to action

We will connect our team with your office. We will have our team familiarize themselves with your office and any special requests or needs (if any). Finally, we will test run the whole process to ensure all operations are running smoothly


We start

Your office will be assigned to an account manager as a special point of contact to answer any questions you might have and to manage your plan. You will receive reports and updates regularly so you can always know where we are with your services

Improve your Cash Flow, Reduce the hassle of billing & paperwork.


About We Due Care

We Due Care was founded to help dental practices focus on what matters the most – the patients. Our focus is to help alleviate the stressors that come with the day-to-day office tasks that can be tedious and sometimes daunting. Our goal is to make your office run more efficiently. We Due Care was founded by dentists and billing professionals; we have experienced the challenges and stress that is associated with running a dental office. With that experience, comes the knowledge to understand how to help your office improve its productivity. Allow our services to help bring peace of mind to you and your staff today.

Why Choose Us

It is simple, beside saving thousands of dollars on payroll cost, you will not lose on wrongful write offs and forgotten claims. Right now, you probably have a few thousand dollars worth of claims that are going to be lost just because they were either written off by mistake or forgotten about and nobody followed up on them. Working with us gives you the confidence that you have a super team that is working hard to collect on every dime you worked for.
You can enjoy all these benefits for less than one employee might cost you.
And as we said earlier, we don't take breaks, skip workdays, waste your money socializing, or ask for a benefits package or 401(k). You don't have to pay us sick leave, payroll tax or vacations.
Try us now and see the difference for yourself. 

Stop losing money

Don't lose money on wrongful write offs and forgotten claims

Save on payroll

Save thousands of dollars on payroll cost

Super team on your side

Have a super team that is working hard to collect on every dime you worked for

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Economic Intelligence

We don't ask for a benefits package or 401(k). You don't have to pay us sick leave, payroll tax or vacations

Guaranteed team

We don't take breaks, skip workdays or just quit


We are always here when you need us

Join our community



  • Is there a contract?

    Our agreements are on a month-to-month basis; so, there are no long-term requirements to commit to.

  • How long does it take to start?

    Usually within one week. We will set the office up, have our team familiarize with your custom needs, and get your practice started.

  • How can I start?

    Fill out the contact us form below and we will get in touch with you shortly after.

  • Do you handle my money?

    We don't touch your money. All claims paid to your office directly. We invoice you for our services at the end of each month.

  • Is my data secure?

    HIPAA compliance is our top concern when working with your office. Every member on our team is HIPAA trained. We work directly on your computers through remote work. No patient data is ever stored on our computers, so it stays safe within your office.

  • Do your services replace my office manager or billing person?

    Our services do not replace any staff. Our services are meant to take on the burden and responsibility of time-consuming, complicated insurance processes, that are usually accompanied with dental billing. Having our team handle this will allow more time for the office manager/billing manager to focus more on patients and other office tasks.

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