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About WeDueCare

Our vision is to reach the optimal allocation of energy in business and life. 
Our mission is to deliver the tools and services that help organizations, communities and individuals reach the optimal allocation of energy to enjoy a balanced life.
When we say energy, we are not talking about the energy in fairy dust and rainbows, or the energy that is sold as spiritual approach. We are talking about real physical energy. The heat that is generated from friction. The energy that you spend when talking, moving, thinking, or simply being alive.
Of course we cannot control all the energy in the world, but can do our part to positively influence it.
We decided to start with what we know best; Dental Billing. This is our first step to change the world - we start from here and we go bigger.
This is a movement we are creating to make the world more efficient. Our goal is to help leaders allocate their teams' energy efficiently in everything they do.

Our Core Values


Intelligence is what drives us forward. We surround ourselves with brilliant individuals who make “work smart, not hard” a true success story. We allocate energy intelligently to laser focus on what matters


Energy is what we live for and it’s what we truly value. We strive to allocate team energy efficiently to achieve optimal results. We believe that by helping leaders allocate their team's energy correctly and efficiently, they can bring the maximum potential to their teams and organizations


Without integrity, none of the above matters. We seek out integrity with everyone we work with. All of the best or nothing at all. Energy is too valuable to be spent in the wrong places. We choose to work with those who choose to practice and value integrity. This is how we constantly move towards success

Why should you consider working with us?

Optimize Your Team's Energy

We strive to help leaders allocate organizations' energy to achieve efficiency, success, and the proper work/life balance for all members of the team. By allocating tasks to us, you will save time, improve productivity, increase cash flow, and save money. 
We want to help you become a master of delegation. There may be 24 hours in a day, but our goal is to give you your time back. We will achieve this by taking the workload off your plate by delegating tasks to others. You can extend your reach beyond the laws of physics by energy delegation, but it must be done correctly. 
We are experts in what we do. We do it by volume. You don’t have to have 100 people on your payroll to do things correctly. By delegating things to us, it will help free up time and that expendable energy will be saved in the short term and long term.


How can we help?

Allocate your team's energy efficiently

At We Due Care, our priority is to help your company allocate your team’s energy efficiently by delegating mundane office tasks to our team instead of yours. We will handle insurance billing and other duties to free up your team’s time. By doing this, your team will be able to focus their energy on taking care of your patients and making the patient's visit experience top notch. There are some tasks that will drain your team's energy faster than a flashlight drains the iPhone battery; like dental billing. If your team spends their time battling with insurance companies to get your bills paid, there may not be enough energy for your team to provide superior care for your patients. Every task we handle for you gives your team more energy to use at your disposal. It is up to you on how to allocate your team's energy efficiently and we are here to effectively find the best solution.

Benefits of Working With Us

Save money

Eliminate costly errors

Increase cash flow

Get paid faster

Reduce stress

Take the load off your hands

Start saving money today

Let's start the journey together